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The History of our InnIn the early eighteenth century, a two level barn appeared in south eastern Pennsylvania. This barn was larger and more substantial then preceding farm structures in North America.

This multipurpose barn could house various livestock in the basement (lower level) stable, (Nautical, Seasons and Tack rooms) while on the second and third floor (Garden Suite & the Loft) it could store hay and straw and accommodate the threshing of feed grains. The fore bay, or “overshoot,” is the second floor extension which projects over the front stable wall for a distance that varies from four feet to 20 plus feet.

- The Pennsylvania Barn, 2nd Edition, 1992

Barn prior to renovation into Canna Inn

Yes, it really was a barn. This picture was given to us by a great grandson of one of the last farming family members.

Peach Orchards prior to Canna Country Inn

This photo is from when it was a peach orchard as well.

Today, this massive eighteenth century barn houses the large comfortable Canna Country Inn. The original 1850’s barn was meticulously converted in 1985 to accommodate all the comforts of home.

Tack Room at Canna Country Inn Bed and Breakfast
The Loft at Canna Country Inn
The Tack Room
The Loft

The stalls have become rooms with private baths enclosed by the 18 inch stone walls and supported by the same beams that have served as the frame of the barn for over 150 years.

The fore bay is a large bay picture window filled with plush pillows that invite guests to sit and relax for hours on end.

The Picture Window at Canna Country Inn

The Picture Window

Markers and Pegs, Antique Barn

The markers were used to show the workers where to join the beams. You can also see the wooden pegs that secure everything together!

Wood Beams at Canna Country Inn

When you stay at the inn you will enjoy all the comforts of today while resting in this rich historic setting.